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          Classification of relays

          Classified by size
          Name definition
          Miniature relay: a relay with the longest side size not greater than 10mm
          Subminiature relay: Relay with the longest dimension greater than 10mm, but not greater than 25mm
          Miniature relay: Relay with the longest side larger than 25mm, but not larger than 50mm

          Classification by contact load
          Name definition
          Micro power relay: Relay less than 0.2A
          Weak power relay: 0.2 ~ 2A relay
          Medium power relay: 2 ~ 10A relay
          High-power relay: relay above 10A

          Classified by use
          Name definition
          Communication relays (including high-frequency relays): The contact load range of this type of relays is from low to medium current, and the requirements for environmental use are not high.
          Industrial control relay: The relay used in industrial control has large contact load power and long life.
          Home appliance relays: Relays used in home appliances require good safety performance.
          Automotive relays: Relays used in automobiles. This type of relay has a large switching load power and high impact and vibration resistance.